El brunch es una combinación de desayuno y comida para todos los que suelen dormir un poco más,  sobre todo en el fin de semana o los días festivos, y se levantan para desayunar o comer, en un horario diferente de lo habitual. Por esta razón el brunch, se suele servir en un horario entre las 10h y las 17h.

El champagne es el protagonista de este tipo de comida que desde hace unos años ya se ha convertido en una tendencia gastronómica, aunque no sea fácil competir con la hora del vermut, que ha vuelto con más fuerza que nunca para quedarse.

El champagne brunch de @propagandadoce con amigos es el mejor plan de domingo en Madrid 🥂 #madridiana

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Una copa de champagne y… dos fichas

Propaganda12 es una vinatería italiana en pleno barrio de Chueca con más de 300 referencias que cada domingo celebra el champagne brunch.

El brunch de Propaganda12 como todo los brunch típicos combina siempre comidas dulces con comidas saladas.

Con una de las dos fichas que vienen juntos a la copa de champagne es posible pedir una tabla de quesos y embutidos dentro de la gran variedad que ofrece Propaganda12. Jamón Culatello di Zibello de la provincia de Parma, Bresaola della Valtelina, la “Cecina Italiana” servida con queso Parmesano y Rúcula, Porchetta di Ariccia, son algunas de las la tapas italianas que vienen servidas con pan artesanal Panod. Y además uno de los platos principales que son las tostadas que destacan por sus salsa bernaise especial echa con champagne, en la foto la tercera imagen es un Avo Toast con aguacate y huevo.

Mientras con la otra ficha es posible elegir entre la tarta caprese (tarta de chocolate y almendras), el tiramisú o la tarta de queso con coulis de frambuesa para terminar este delicioso chamapagne brunch.

Propaganda12 es en definitiva una buena opción para pasar un domingo diferente y sobretodo una buena oportunidad para probar productos italianos de calidad.


Propaganda 12

Calle Libertad, 12 (Metro Chueca)

Tel: 91 056 70 03

Horario: brunch los domingos de 13:00 a 16:00

Precio: 25 € el brunch por persona


FB: Propaganda12

IG: @propagandadoce

avocado toast madrid

avocado toast madrid

[Updated in July 2018]

The best avocado toast in Madrid to me are those six:

  • Pum Pum Cafè
  • HansSo Cafè
  • Federal Cafè
  • Lap Cafè
  • Plantate Cafè
  • Propaganda.

The best avocado toast in Madrid is mine, the one on the cover page. When I can find the perfect avocado I go to my favorite bakery (Panifiesto) and then I can make the best avocado toast in Madrid right in my kitchen.

But of course I cannot produce the best avocado toast in Madrid for all the avocado toast lovers, so here my short list with pictures and comments for the best bar serving the yummiest avocado toasts in Madrid.

1.Pum Pum Cafè

pumpum cafè madrid pumpum cafè madrid

I love this place and their toast is the best, I mean I can’t reproduce Eggs Benedict, and I don’t know where this bread comes from but it’s great!

And the matcha latte .. look how perfect it looks like!

PUM PUM Cafè – Calle Tribulete, 6, 28012 Madrid

More info here: PUM PUM cafè.

2.Hanso Cafè

Hanso cafè madrid

These japanese guys are latte artists, I love all the videos they have on Instagram. The avocado toast here is great, but to me their very best is the matcha waffle, because it’s unique here in Madrid.

I am so glad to share this picture because it was the first one I uploaded on Madridiana Instagram, and I totally remember that day, with my favourite flower skirt.

HanSo Cafè – Calle del Pez, 20, 28004 Madrid

More Info here: HanSo Cafè.

3.Federal Cafè

federal cafè madrid federal cafè madrid

This is the coolest place in town because it’s a bar after all, but the design is such fine with all that marble that I really can’t imagine a brighter and modern space. The real example of less is more with a classy hint.

My favorite food here is the bowls, especially when chia seeds are included. Like in this first picture. The well, we were talking about the best avocado toast in Madrid, so I am showing you the second picture, from my personal account (shhhhhh) where I could not resist to the toast and I had to do the “food blogger” picture with half of the food.

But they were great, the nuts dust they put on the top it’s something special.

Federal Cafè Madrid – Plaza de las Comendadoras, 9, 28015 Madrid.

More info here: Federal Cafè.

4. Lap Cafè

I had to update this article and add my actual avocado toast, because I am still in love with Pum Pum but honestly cannot stand the queue and the infinite wait. Now you can eat avocado toast basically everywhere, even in the toda la vida bar, the hype is incredible.

This hype brought me to try new places, especially in my barrio, Lavapies, and discover a couple of hidden gems that I really suggest you to try.

Lap Cafè is the definition of a hidden gem, you won’t find it in Tapas Magazine or in the most well-known blogs, it doesn’t stand out, for its position and you definitely have to enter see the menu and meet the owners. What surprised me the most were the ingredients, real food, great qualities, nice decorations, it’s my fave. 

LAP cafè Calle Embajadores 19, local 1, 28012 Madrid

More info here: Lap Cafè

5. Plantate Cafè

Desáyuno o merienda? 🥑 #madridiana

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Our second favourite place in Lavapies right now (July 2018) is Plantate cafè, finally a good bar en Calle Meson de Paredes! We have seen so many bars open and close in few months in the same streets, but Plantate has its own identity that attracts avocado lovers from different parts of Madrid.

The mood is super international, the bar it’s really tiny but specialty coffee lovers are going crazy with their selection, and again the guys working there are super cool. You can actually buy plants, books, and design while sipping your coffee or biting your toast. Genial!

Plantate Cafè Calle del Mesón de Paredes, 28, 28012 Madrid

More info here: Plantate Cafè 


Avocado toast during weekends is synonymous with brunch. If you are a brunch lover and want to try a special tostada with Italian cheese and hams, chilling in one of the coolest wineries in Chueca, well, Propaganda is your place.

The champagne brunch is the best treat you can have on a Sunday morning. The avocado is the protagonist too and can be mixed with salmon, burrata or eggs, and the result is quintessential of deliciousness.


On my ATTD (avocado toast to do) list before selecting the best avocado toast in Madrid I still have to visit:

  • The Toast Cafè
  • Monkey Coffe
  • Toma Caffè (I’ve been but didn’t eat avocado)
  • Hola Cafè (I’ve been but tried other types of tostada )
  • Cripeka
  • Angelica (in Calle Segovia) they also do the Avocado Burger!!!