Santerra, the new place to be in Salamanca


Recently opened in Salamanca’s Barrio of Madrid, Santerra is the new project carried on by the young and talented Chef Miguel Carretero and the experienced Alfonso Vega (Premio Nacional de Gastronomía 2009) as Director of the Restaurant.

It’s a kind of a cuisine that comes from the flora and fauna of both Castillas, with its mushrooms, aromatic herbs, garlic and also partridge, rabbit, not forgetting the fishes as the trout and the vegetables from the gardens of Madrid and Toledo.

So that’s the idea: to cook classical dishes but in a modern way, with contemporary techniques and presentations. And that’s exactly what the Chef Miguel Carretro is trying to do through its dishes that reflect his roots and the place where he comes from. It’s an ode to the nature and the simple things which focuses on the importance of the product itself.

 Not one, but two Restaurants

Santerra is built over two floors: the Barra fina de Barrio and El Gastronomico.

Different spaces, different concepts.

Barra Fina de Barrio, is an informal space where you can have a caña accompanied by some tapas such as aceitunas, callos and home made croquetas that are already an hit among the croquetas of Madrid. You can also choose a glass of wine from the wine list on the blackboard that changes day by day.

El Gastronomico is the formal restaurant inspired by a wood that reflects into the decorations, the painting on the wall that remind a real wood, the wooden and stoned chairs and tables, in order to recreate that atmosphere. Even the menu, and it couldn’t be any other way, is conceived by the product of the land.

Tradition, technique and raw materials.

The way in which they treat raw materials is what differentiates this Restaurant.

Bread, olive oil, eggs, etc. Products and Producers: everything that comes to your table is previously chosen and elaborated by Miguel Carretero and Alfonso Vega themselves. Care and diligence in the selection, the accuracy and precision of plating contribute to make every dish unique.


General Info

Medium Price El Gastronómico 45–50 euro

Medium Price La Barra Fina de Barrio 18–22 euro


Address: General Pardiñas 56

Phone Number: +34 914 01 35 80

From Monday to Saturday, 13:30–16:00h and 20:00–23:30




Restaurante Morgana: la reina de Galicia


Madridiana is the goddess of hunting cool places, when she meets another goddess they will be friends forever.
Morgana is a strong woman, a Celtic goddess, una mujer de fuerza.
Madridiana met Morgana on a sunny Sunday morning, while she was hunting new places in the very center of Madrid, the barrio Chueca.

Morgana immediately appear to be for the naming, the atmosphere and the Galician origin of the founders, as a big deal, a recently opened restaurant with a brand new unique offer.

Why restaurante Morgana Madrid?

The answer is simple, as Augusto and Miguel, the two owners, immediately explained that they wanted to have a strong identity, that’s why they chose a woman, and a powerful message, that’s why they chose a mitologic figure.

Augusto and Miguel are the two owners of restaurante Morgana Madrid, they are really young but at the same time they have gained a lot of experience around the world. Their competences complete each other because Augusto has studied and worked in hostelry while Miguel is the chef. This special mix of skills has on the other side the most important thing in common: friendship. They are good friends and they both come from La Coruña. So two common features: friendship and roots. Their provenience need to be explained a bit because it’s because of their Galician roots that they have started the Morgana adventure.

Galician water, beer, food and tradition and ingredients. They are focused on spreading the Galician food best products in Madrid, modernizing the most famous traditional food with a touch of international cuisine, because Miguel, the chef, has travelled a lot, in Europe and outside. The ceviche is for sure the result of his Peruvian experience. Not to mention that he has also worked at Diverxo with the awarded chef David Munoz.

Galician traditional best sellers as new, more contemporary, reinterpretation. I will write about my experience, which will be personal as always and “non replicabile” because every week Morgana changes the menu. The best food for sharing like the tortilla, the croquetas and the empanadas are the only fixed food of the menu, but especially for croquetas and empanadas the flavors usually change as well.

What attracted my attention was the scallop plate with pork and a pumpkin creme, impossible to resist. What I really loved about this plate, above the taste of course, was its concept, Miguel explained me how he balanced the fat savor of the pork with the acidity of the pumpkin creme.

Everything from a simple burrata to a more complex dish, is expressed in a new custom version edited and invented by Miguel.

Even the dessert I ‘ve tried had a twist of unconventional, with the crunchy texture of the bizcocho and the sweet cheese cake cream.

Morgana has just opened but for sure it will become an addiction to all, for Miguel innovative cuisine and Augusto detailed attention to the clientsn and for his special cocktails

More info: Morgana Restaurante.

sr ito madrid

Welcome to Sr. Ito

sr ito madrid

Sr.Ito was on my “restaurant to go” top list since the first time I walked in Calle Pelayo. Arriving from Plaza Chueca if you start walking along Calle Pelayo a lot of nice restaurants will show up, as well as super creative shops and street art, like the Super Mario Bros around number 50. But you can’t walk over Sr.Ito without thinking and desiring to dine in this very particular japanese restaurant.

From the outside the first thing to notice is of course the design of the interiors which are really bright, the murals on the main wall and also the beautiful bar will be stick in your memory archived in the file “oh my god I need to try that restaurant”.

The interesting thing is that the murals are redesigned by a new artist every now and then,  painted in white and restarted, and the style of each artist is completely different, that’s why Sr.Ito is defined as “Arte , birras , sushi y más”.

If the main floor while entering might give the impression of a very little restaurant, you have to know that there is also another floor, downstairs, really well furnished with the perfect romantic light you need to share a dinner with the loved one.

The menu as in the starters and hot main courses  parta great revisitation of the classic japanese cuisine, even an the edamame beans are not the ordinary edamames beans, this is the presentation and you can add the miso sauce which is the brown one already on the corners of the plate, and another one called kimchi.

I decided to try the hot food, I haven’t tried the sushi, but both nigiri and uramaki really seemed well prepared and the choice was very interesting.

My two main dishes were a noodle soup and the tempura with crabs and prawns were really impressive, and I have to be honest, when a read “crabs” in a menu I always go for it, and when the waiter answer me “I am sorry we don’t have it tonight” the dinner is ruined and nothing will be the same. But it was not this case, Sr. Ito served a great fried crab with crayfish. The sauce were, the classic tempura sauce which is very liquid and watery, and the two sauces I’ve already in tried with the edamame, kimchi and sauce, which has you can see have the texture of mayonnaise.


Last but not least I saw previously on the bar upstair a green tea cake and I needed to discover more, when they told me it was green tea, white chocolate (my fave) and ginger, I knew it was my cake, and it didn’t disappoint me at all.

sr ito madrid

The prices are a bit higher than the other more “common” sushi restaurant in town, but the atmosphere, the service and the quality of food are totally worthing the upgrade. It is really a nice place for a date, with a friend or a lover, it doesn’t matter, it’s the mood of Sr. Ito.

More info: Sr. Ito.

[Pictures are not the greatest because I didn’t expect to try Sr.Ito that night when I didn’t have my camera and my Sony X Z was off because of the battery]