«El arte es la eliminación de lo innecesario.» – Pablo Picasso

Una selección de los mejores planes que ofrece Madrid durante el mes de octubre. 24 SEP-6 OCT POR LOS DEMÁS Por sexto año consecutivo la ONG y la icónica sala teatral unen fuerzas con una programación de ocho piezas escénicas, entre comedias, thrillers o danza, para lanzar una mirada, con sus tramas y argumentos, a […]

Vuelve a Microteatro “Por los demás”, un ciclo impulsado por ANESVAD

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Por sexto año consecutivo y del 24 de septiembre al 6 de octubre, la ONG y la icónica sala teatral unen fuerzas con una programación de ocho piezas escénicas, entre comedias, thrillers o danza, para lanzar una mirada, con sus tramas y argumentos,…

Agenda Madrid Septiembre 2019

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Los mejores planes de Septiembre en Madrid

Gastronomía, Cerveza y Arte, el nuevo concepto de cena de Mahou

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La democratización de la alta cocina llega para que los más curiosos puedan vivir una propuesta gastroartística que funde los sabores más exclusivos del chef Paco Roncero con un juego de luces y color que bailarán proyectándose por las…

Arranca la cuarta edición de Noches del Botánico

El Festival, que se celebrará del 20 de junio al 31 de julio, vuelve a reunir una vez más a importantes artistas nacionales e internacionales junto a nuevos talentos de la música contemporánea. Consolidado como un referente musical nacional…

III Premio Cervezas Alhambra de Arte Emergente

Arranca la tercera edición del Premio Cerveza Alhambra de Arte Emergente que cada año convoca a los mejores artistas emergentes de ámbito nacional. La iniciativa busca destacar aquella obras inéditas que trasladen el espíritu de la…

Mulafest is turning 6

The trendsetter festival in Madrid
picasso arzabal

The city of the three cultures: Toledo

There are many gateways from the Spanish capital that you can handle in a day in a relaxed way, just one-hour drive or half an hour train journey would take you to awesome retreats. The most common are: El Escorial, Segovia and Toledo. Every…
street art madrid

Street art tour in Lavapiés

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I had the chance to discover a new Madrid, a Madrid that I've always admired without knowing nothing about it, while when I was living in Milan I could recognize names and techniques of these works of art. I am talking about the street art…
museo cerralbo madrid

Pure hedonism at Museo Cerralbo

The Museo Cerrablo is one of the "cinco museos" de Madrid, together with: Museo Lazaro Galdiano Museo National des Artes Decorativas Museo del Romanticismo Museo Sorolla. The owner of this Museo-casa, Enrique de Aguilera…
abc madrid

Museo ABC de Dibujo e Ilustración

Not one of the most famous museums in the Madrid and definitely not a museum you’ll find in your Lonely Planet, but the great news is . . . this museum is always free! Yes, every day of the week and it has a collection of illustrations,…
ca2m mostoles

CA2M Centro de Arte Dos De Mayo

One of my favourite sentece is, especially when your walking and not in a hurry is: "Always do a different route when you return". I know that it sounds like a Alice in Wonderland quote, but it's mine, really mine, because I do believe this…
conde duque madrid

Conde Duque

I've spent so many nights watching movies this summer in Conde Duque that I really love this place. Not to mention the interesting events, markets and activities connected with this cultural center. I've found a nice day, witout the usual…
La Casa Encendida MADRID

La Casa Encendida

I have to admit that this location is great, not as cool (I am sorry) than Matadero or Conde Duque which are my favourite cultural centres, but La Casa Encendida is also a good alternative. The exhibition I've shoot is called "El curso natural…
matadero madrid


Such a unique place, no matter if you go there because of an event, or just chilling, this is the real Madrilenian place to be. Exhibition, theatre, cinema, food markets and many interesting activities for all the ages. The Rio is…

Getting lost at Rastro Madrid

El Rastro was born in 1740. It is very popolar, on sunday mornings to go and walk around the stalls. La Latina and Tirso de Molina undergrounds are always full of people direct to the market which is formed mostly by shops that open their…

Feliz Navidad en Plaza Mayor

For the first time I went out with my very first professional camera on the afternoon of the the 25th of December, yes, Christmas! The camera was my xmas gift to myself and Plaza Mayor with all the Christmas stalls, the baloons for the…
museo sorolla madrid

The enchanted Museo Sorolla

When I have to convince some of my friends to go and visit Museo Sorolla I always tell them it's a sort of Villa Necchi, but where an artist lived, not an aristocrat. I always loved to visit real places, see exactly where an artist was…

Loewe at Real Jardín Botánico

When a luxury brand celebrates an anninversary with an exhibition the most common output is an exhibition in a museum with all sort of sketches and products designed and produced along the decades. Well, Loewe with the project #PastPresentFuture…

Amazing Almudena cathedral

Worth a visit, the organ is probably the most impressive I've ever seen and all the white marble gives to Madrid cathedral an amazing light and atmosphere. The Palacio Real is amazing of course, but the Almudena, just aside of it, is incredible. Pictures…