Carrefest 2017, where music beats

Summer means festival.

It’s hard to chose where to go every weekend in Madrid or around Spain.

And it’s even harder to decide how to spend money, who is the priority.

When instead the concert is for free, and it’s in Madrid, and has super well-known artists like Alvaro Soler and Bombai, well, in this case the only thing I can say is:

“What are you waiting for? Get those free tickets now!”



I was listening to my Spotify playlists when I discovered about this event and I couldn’t believe such a nice festival could be free.

I immediately got my tickets registering to the website few weeks ago and I can’t wait to attend the event, I share it with all my friends and I know it’s going to be so cool.

I am a huge fun of those two big names but I am also really supportive with new names, like the guys that won the Carrefest Music Talent.

I am obsessed with talent show and I really liked the opportunity that this free festival gives to the new generation of musicians and singers.

During the Carrefest music talent format, judges and the audience have the same power, because the winners are decided by both of them.

It’s a band contest and Venturi was crowned as the judges winner while SeñorNadye was chosen by the audience of the festival, thanks to this new winning category introduced for the first time in this new edition of the Carrefest.

More than 130 bands were participating this year, for the professional jury composed by Universal Music, Los 40 and Carrefour, it was really hard to choose only one winner.

But Venturi with the song Paro mi caballo convinced everyone, with the indie rock sound made in Madrid.

The date is really close, it’s Saturday 24th of June, where the winners of the talent show and the big names (Álvaro Soler and Bombay) will share the stage of the Carrefour Fest.

The location is the Carrefour supermarket in Móstoles, metro station Móstoles-El Soto.

It’s really cool to see how this new edition of the Carrefest has gone so far, especially for the participation of the bands and the audience.

This Saturday the bands will be live in Carrefest and as soon as possible we will hear them in our Spotify playlists.

If you need another reason because the previous one where not enough, well, maybe this Alvaro Soler picture will help you.



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