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One of my favourite sentece is, especially when your walking and not in a hurry is:

«Always do a different route when you return».

I know that it sounds like a Alice in Wonderland quote, but it’s mine, really mine, because I do believe this is the best way to discover new places.

I am telling you this because with my return route I discovered a better way to ge to Móstoles Centro de Arte Dos De Mayo. On my way there it took me more than one hour from the center of Madrid with the metro. On my back it was much easier with the cercanias from Móstoles central station, and even cheaper.

Centro de Arte Dos De Mayo is the reason for a trip to Móstoles. It’s a huge center and there is a special installation by Sergio Prego until the 26 of febraury that you’ll probably see more than once in Instagram. I have to admit, this huge room was made for Instagram shooting.

This installacion is ispired by J. G. Ballard novel (and movie) «Highrise». Probably because I know the movie I could enjoy it even more.

I post a picture without people and one with, just to give an idea of the proportions.

All the other works of art are part of the collections of the CA2M.

ca2m mostoles ca2m mostoles ca2m mostoles

ca2m mostoles ca2m mostoles ca2m mostoles ca2m mostoles

conde duque madrid

I’ve spent so many nights watching movies this summer in Conde Duque that I really love this place. Not to mention the interesting events, markets and activities connected with this cultural center.

I’ve found a nice day, witout the usual crowd, and I decided to take some picture, inside and outide thia Amazing place.

For more info About Conde Duque visit thi website:

conde duque madrid conde duque madrid conde duque madrid conde duque madrid conde duque madrid

La Casa Encendida MADRID

I have to admit that this location is great, not as cool (I am sorry) than Matadero or Conde Duque which are my favourite cultural centres, but La Casa Encendida is also a good alternative.

The exhibition I’ve shoot is called «El curso natural de las cosas» which means the natural course of things.

More information here: La Casa Encendida

La Casa Encendida MADRID La Casa Encendida MADRID La Casa Encendida MADRID La Casa Encendida MADRID La Casa Encendida MADRID La Casa Encendida MADRID La Casa Encendida MADRID

matadero madrid

matadero madrid

Such a unique place, no matter if you go there because of an event, or just chilling, this is the real Madrilenian place to be.

Exhibition, theatre, cinema, food markets and many interesting activities for all the ages.

The Rio is a great reason too, the whole park on the river is great for chilling, skating or even biking.

I love it! Creativity is raising in all its corners :)

More information here: Matadero Madrid

matadero madrid matadero madrid matadero madrid matadero madrid matadero madrid matadero madrid



El Rastro was born in 1740. It is very popolar, on sunday mornings to go and walk around the stalls.

La Latina and Tirso de Molina undergrounds are always full of people direct to the market which is formed mostly by shops that open their doors showing their products on the streets.

Plaza the Cascorro is one of the central points even if you find modern shopping more than antiques. The very old part of the market is where all the tiny streets of La Latina are, there is not a precise route, you just need to get lost in the middle of the Rastro.


For the first time I went out with my very first professional camera on the afternoon of the the 25th of December, yes, Christmas!

The camera was my xmas gift to myself and Plaza Mayor with all the Christmas stalls, the baloons for the kids and the soap balls was the perfect place to start shooting.

The light was perfect and so different from one picture to another, slowly fading into dark.

[Nikon 1 J5 – 10 – 30 mm]



museo sorolla madrid

museo sorolla madrid

When I have to convince some of my friends to go and visit Museo Sorolla I always tell them it’s a sort of Villa Necchi, but where an artist lived, not an aristocrat.

I always loved to visit real places, see exactly where an artist was painting, and in Museo-Casa Sorolla you can see even the brushes of Joaquín Sorolla.

The garden is great even in December in I visited it. In spring it should be Amazing.

A very interesting discover was the «CINCO MUSEOS, OTRO MADRID». I have already visited Museo Sorolla and Museo del Romanticismo, which were really great, and maybe I enjoyed them even more that Reina Sofia, because I love to discover tiny gems.

Now apparently I still miss three more gems of this beautiful city:

  • Museo Lazaro Galdiano
  • Museo Cerralbo (update – I’ve been to Cerralbo and here the link of the article)
  • Museo National des Artes Decorativas.

These five museums are five different homes, very elegant buildings with unique collections.

More Information here: Museo Sorolla.

museo sorolla madrid museo sorolla madrid museo sorolla madrid museo sorolla madrid museo sorolla madrid museo sorolla madrid museo sorolla madrid

When a luxury brand celebrates an anninversary with an exhibition the most common output is an exhibition in a museum with all sort of sketches and products designed and produced along the decades.

Well, Loewe with the project #PastPresentFuture at the Real Jardín Botanico, did something more.

I couldn’t miss this exhibition even if shows up for few weeks, but Madrid has been full of Casa Loewe prints since the begin of the summer. I went on the last day, luckyly, and I was so impressed.

The exhibition was divided into three rooms, one the central room was basically a very chic little shop, the second one on the left was the anniversary room with all the prints of the adv on the floor and on the wall, with a plexi library full of historic and iconic pieces of Loewe story.

The ideal place where to take inspiring pictures.

Then on the right comes the Steven Meisel flowers exhibition, giant and tiny pictures of flower composition shot by the genius fashion photographer.

And I was glad to discover this beautiful location too, I have never though of walking around botanical gardens in Madrid in December.


Worth a visit, the organ is probably the most impressive I’ve ever seen and all the white marble gives to Madrid cathedral an amazing light and atmosphere.

The Palacio Real is amazing of course, but the Almudena, just aside of it, is incredible.

Pictures don’t really show how impressive this church is. The lights from the mosaics shining on the white walls was so difficult to catch.

almudena madrid almudena madrid