“To me, drink responsibly means don’t spill it.” – Bill Murray

10 things to do in Madrid for free

The Spanish capital is the little New York of the Spaniards.  Huge skyscrapers line the horizon as far as the eye can see, with lots of underground lines. It’s a multicultural city with citizens from all over the world, from their “cousins”…

The best castles in Spain

Spain is famous for its monuments, museums, beaches, food, but also for its castles. From Pais Vasco to Andalusia, Spain has always been full of castles, and not all of those have survived until today. The ratio is one-tenth, we are able to…

The classic Geographic Club in Madrid

Update: unfortunately this restaurant is now closed.   The Geographic Club in Calle de Alcalà  is a master classic of Madrid best restaurants with an interior design that doesn't make you feel in Madrid, because the travel concept…

MEAT quality food for brunch

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Saturdays and Sundays in Alonso Martinez

The 10 Best Cocktails in Madrid

Different styles for the best cocktails bar in Madrid

Meraki, when passion meets food

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The reason you should go to Carabanchel

The Hop In The Box Experience

Selected craft beers in a box

Exploring San Minguel Selecta

San Miguel Selecta dinner and degustation

Arzabal does Picasso

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When food meets art

The barra experience at Benares Madrid

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The incredible revisited Spanish tapas

Love at first sip with Hop in the Box

“He was a wise man who invented beer.” - Unknown

Discovering Diurno in Chueca

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Premium food, excellent service, great atmosphere.

El mejor rodizio en Vila Brasil

Meat lovers and football players mecca.

Cava Baja trusted tapas at Erre que Erre

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The pinchos paradise and much more.

A magic afterwork at Lavaca

When I heard about the launch of LAVACA AFTERWORK I completely forgot that I knew another LAVACA restaurant where during the Christmas holidays I went with a couple of friends visiting Madrid. At that time I clearly remember I had a great…

Barceló Torre de Madrid

Weeks ago I was going to the see an Italian movie in the Cinema close to Plaza de Espana. There was a sort of Italian Film Festival and they were screening "Jeeg Robot D'accaio" that had a tremendous success in Italy. While walking through…

Vermut mon amour

I have to admit that in many situations I am attracted by the design of a product instead of the very essence of it. With food for example many times the cover is beautiful but the inside is awful. That's why the old school vintage food might…

10 things to do in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, like most of the Nordic cities, is one of the happiest places in the world. In this city you can see people leaving a stroller with their child inside or outside a cafe while they are sipping hot tea.…

Hermosos y Malditos

I've discovered Hermos y Malditos as soon as their Instagram profile was opened. Probably one of the most interesting Instagram feed I've ever seen. It was clear to me that I would love the place. Reading a bit more about the cocktail bar…


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[This is not a Spanish Restaurant, it's a gratitude post about an unexpected present I've received yesterday] Spending the xmas Holidays away from home is kind of weird, probably the first time, than it should become more easy. You know…

Welcome to MadriDiana

Madrid is a big city, and like the internet you can find everything and you can find nothing. So the question is: why should this blog be different than all the others giving advices around the city, answering to all your questions? The…