El Sitio in Moncloa

I’ve been very few times to Moncloa so far, I don’t know why, but everytime I realize that it’s not that far as I have Always thought and for sure not that bad, because it’s full of nice places like El Sitio.

I started following El Sitio during last summer, attracted by the handwritten logo and all the tasty pictures they were posting. When on Saturday I was walking around Moncloa looking for a nice quiet place to have lunch and the “El Sitio” logo appear I could not have any doubt. It was the place I’ve always followed, finally in real life and not only on Instagram.

The light comes from all the sides, and the design of the space is modern and warm. I loved the chairs and the chalk graphics all over the place.

You read “para picar” but the food you’ll get it’s a lot for one person, better share different things between friends. You can’t me the “cazuelita” of El Sitio, or the queso one, that you can see in the pictures above. All the people around me were enjoying it and the egg in the middle of it is the perfect surprise, really tasty.

Even if their are famous for the pizza I prefered to try the German dish, with wurstel and potatoes. I have to admit these wurstel are special, you can’t find it at the supermarket. I went completely crazy for the curry one, easily recognizable for its color, super Yellow.

For sure I am going to come back, maybe one evening and try all the missing food, like pizza or crepes.

For more information: El Sitio.

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