Healthy food with Menu Diet

The most difficult thing of being on a diet is maintaining the results obtained forever and ever. While the most difficult thing during the diet period is to buy and cook exactly the food required from the dietist. What I’ve learned last week trying the “Menù degustacion” of MenuDiet, is that being on a diet can be possible with their help.

The menu I’ve tried lets you try four dishes at a discounted price, in order to get to know the service, before starting a full program monitoring all your numbers and how your weight trend is performing, if you want to lose weight but also if after a diet you want to maintain your shape.

If like you don’t like to cook during the week when in a hurry or too tired, I do believe there is nothing like MenuDiet. Because I have to admit also that I am always eating outside home, when I do the grocery, I can’t cook everything in time, and I see the waste of food that I can’t control. I can’t plan my meals.

The fact that MenuDiet portions are freezed makes it easier to organize the weekly food, without feeling bad if not all the meals have been used, they are not gonna lose their qualities for months.

Apart from these advantages I really think that this kind of services which are affecting our health need to be of really high quality in terms of food, and extremely efficient in terms of the service.

Even if I’ve tried only four plates of the whole menu I can state that you have a wide range of foods, not too complicated food, but each portion is a complete meal that is always accompanied by a sort of semaphore in terms of calories, so it can be green, orange or red, and makes it so easier to chose in order to weight results you are looking for.

The nutritional service is full consultancy service monitoring the results of program which can be also very specific for diabetics, for sportsmen or for as mentioned before maintaining or losing weight, starting from one week program to 6 weeks plans.

Back to my very personal experience, the customer service and delivery were perfect, super kind the girls answering my questions, and super quick the courier, even if in Madrid there’s a shop in calle Alcalà which is another option for the food takeaway.

I took some pictures of the packaging that you receive, the first order includes a fridge bag inside of it, and some pictures of the food, after the 4 minutes in the microwave directly from the freezer.

I didn’t create a shooting set, or nothing like that, the food is exactly as it is when you take it of the its original plate, on a normal ceramic plate, but you can also eat from the black plastic.

So my choice was: potaje de bacalao, canelones de verduras, estofado de ternera and pollo con mango.

The first plate, the potaje de bacalao, was the only green light plate, the portion was perfect and at the end of the meal I felt really ok, maybe I would add some bread, also in all the other dishes, because the sauces are so great, but it was really perfect, probably my favourite of all.

As an Italian, pasta in the oven is one of my sacred food, or even better the Sunday lunch family food, so it it quite impossible to me to consider cannelloni cooked in the microwave, but following the timing suggestion for cooking I had the perfect distribution of the heat resulting like if it was cooked in the oven, but even better!

The two meat portions, chicken and beef stew were both great, this time I shared them with my colleague that usually has always something to complain about food especially with sauces, and this time I really loved the food asking me when I would give him some more.

I think it is really nice that in a big city like Madrid, with lots of people living alone or working a lot, or just having time constraints because of kids for example, that at least one thought can be archived because MenuDiet can really solve the annoying question “what do I eat today?”.

More information here: MenuDiet.