PaperBoy: the best hot dogs in town

When you think about the US and their street food culture, the hot dog is definitely the king. This article is all about hot dog, but a completely personal style, the Paper Boy hot dogs have their own unique concept and taste.

For sure we are talking about the best hot dogs in Madrid, no doubt, and the newly opened restaurant in calle Luchana is true love.

Because thanks to Alfonso Bortone, PaperBoy founder also known as the “chef perrocalentero” we are talking about a hotdog revolution and Chamberi is the perfect place barrio to spread the perrito culture.

Why should we eat these delicious hot dogs standing and wasting toppings on our shoes when there is a nice restaurant with affordable prices ready to receive us?

Moreover the menu and the concept inspired by the famous paperboy guy is so nice. Basically when you chose your hot dog you are choosing a world newspaper, so that the toppings are inspired by each food culture.

I has for example a “Le Parisian” with goat cheese and caramelized onion with a special green mustard sauce on, it was delicious.

Not to mention the “El Caribe” with pulled pork, mango chutney and platano chips.

Doesn’t it look delicious?

Trust us: it is delicious.

You can choose the newspaper and the toppings are already matched and then chose how your meat should be, not like hamburgers that you just decide how they should be cooked, in Paperboy hot  dogs you can choose between several types of wurstel, from the classic Frankfurt (pork), to the more spicy Bratwurst (white pork), than you also have the beef or chicken option and for sure the vegetarian alternative with a tofu wurstel.

The wurstel come in two sizes, the normal and a bigger one when you are more than hungry.

All the hot dogs comes with delicious crispy fries that you can also personalize with different toppings.

While waiting for your tasty hotdog you can try a venezuelan treat, if you down know them yet, the tequenos are roll usually filled with typical cheese, the perfect starter to share and discover more about the Paperboy’s founder origins.

We also tried the chocolate cake, and I have dreaming about that incredibly delicious meal for days, like literally waking up craving for one more bite to that delicious cake.

I guess I will order it on Deliveroo when I’ll be too lazy for leaving my cozy home.

And don’t forget to leave a post it on the wall, look at mine, perfectly expressing my experience at Paperboy hot dogs.

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