Restaurante Roseta, enjoying the Slow Food

Restaurants names are as important as their menu and atmosphere. The Restaurante Roseta is a celebration of the most famous flower, the rose, a simple idea with a unique concept.

Restaurante Roseta declares its cuisine as basically traditional cuisine with a ‘farm-to-table’ objective to revolutionize the way to cook.

This internation movement of the  ‘farm-to-table’ is really well known in northern Europe but less in the Peninsula Iberica, Restaurante Roseta is one of the firsts offering in Madrid this gastronomy concept.

While in Italy Slow Food it’s like a religion, a capillary organization preserving the best from every region, with it’s guru Carlo Petrini, a wise man who understood more than 30 years ago the importance of the km0, now directing a gastronomy university in its hometown Bra, here in Spain there is not yet a fertile ground to build such a farm network.

“Slow Food unites the pleasure of food with responsibility, sustainability and harmony with nature.” – Carlo Petrini

Luckily for us living in Madrid, there are enlightened entrepreneurs like Stefano Failoni, Roseta’s founder, with his more than 10 years of expertise in the restaurant world, who are riding this international trend bringing the best product to the Spanish capital.

What you should expect to find in Restaurante Roseta is authentic home food, with selected ingredients bought from tiny farmers and producers, guaranteeing a 100% traditional home food experience.

The atmosphere is really nice, the place has totally been designed for this concept with a beautiful terrace and a large indoor seat saloon. The tables are well distributed and if you love while music there is often a band singing, shaking the quiet mood into a funny Roseta night.

Music is not the only special features, events are organized weekend, for kids with special menus and laborations.

Located in Alcobendas it has become the mediodia restaurant of toda la vida for all the employees working in the district.

Between the dishes I liked the most there were for sure the fried aubergine with romero honey and a goat cheese sauce to dip that was fabulous, like the Cantabrico anchoas and an exquisite meat hamburger.

The final goal is to let you feel like home, enjoy the meal and experience a kind service in a friendly location, and to me they got the point and they hit the target, amazing place, amazing concept.