La democratización de la alta cocina llega para que los más curiosos puedan vivir una propuesta gastroartística que funde los sabores más exclusivos del chef Paco Roncero con un juego de luces y color que bailarán proyectándose por las paredes, mesas y rincones más acogedores del Palacio de Neptuno.

“Artívoros de Mahou” no solo pretende ser un espectáculo para los más foodies, sino una experiencia para disfrutar de forma única y a través de los cinco sentidos de la mejor gastronomía fusionada con una espectacular propuesta artística. 

Tres anfitriones abiertos a la experimentación y capaces de convertir lo tradicional en vanguardista a través de sus creaciones que se podrán disfrutar desde el 24 hasta el 27 de julio en el Palacio de Neptuno, en el madrileño barrio de Las Letras (c/ Cervantes, 42).

La Familia Mahou Cinco Estrellas dará la bienvenida con un Taller de Tiraje para los comensales donde estará presente su gran familia de cervezas: Cinco Estrellas, Cinco Estrellas Sin Gluten, Cinco Estrellas Radler y la nueva Cinco Estrellas Session IPA. 

La explosión de sabores llegará posteriormente con cuatro creaciones diferentes del chef Paco Roncero, uno de los chefs más reputados del panorama nacional. Sus elaboraciones, caracterizadas por ser experiencias sensoriales que reinterpretan platos e ingredientes familiares, dándoles nueva vida y posibilidades, estarán acompañadas cada una por una referencia de la Familia Mahou, formando un maridaje perfecto de gran sabor que conquistará hasta los paladares más exigentes.

Cada una de las veladas, celebradas durante los días 24, 25, 26 y 27 de julio, estará amenizada por un Dj. 

Esta experiencia gastroartística, nace gracias a la apuesta de la Familia Mahou Cinco Estrellas por facilitar e impulsar momentos y experiencias de gran sabor para todos, es por eso que podrá disfrutarse solo en esta ocasión por un precio de 40€. 

 Más infos en: www.mahou.es/cervezas/familia-mahou-cinco-estrellas/verano-cinco-estrellas/ 

Pasión por la cocina, las buenas costumbres, el amor por las cosas bien hechas y el esfuerzo continuado generación tras generación desde hace más de 60 años: esto es lo que hay detrás de la historia de Casa Paulino, una historia de amor, esfuerzo y alegría que comienza por mano de Paca y Paulino.

Un golpe de suerte, un décimo de lotería premiado los empujó a cumplir su sueño, el de estar juntos y montar un pequeño negocio donde ofrecer al cliente una comida honesta y un servicio familiar pero impecable. A partir de ahí abrieron otro restaurante, el Paulino de Quevedo, con el mismo intento: ofrecer al cliente momentos de felicidad.

Nuevas propuestas para todos los gustos y bolsillos

El carácter madrileño es un carácter de barra, un espíritu de caña de cerveza y de pincho, de copa de vino y de ración para compartir. Mucho más informal y distendido, pero también mucho más animado y económico.

Es por ello por lo que Paulino de Quevedo se propone esta temporada revolucionar su zona de barra y mesas altas y llenarla cada día de los mejores pinchos y raciones, confirmando que comer bien no tiene porqué ser caro y que pasar un buen rato con nuestras compañías preferidas es algo que puede improvisarse en cualquier momento.

Morcilla de Aranda crujiente con mermelada de zanahoria, rollitos de Bacalao rellenos de guacamole, carrillada de choto al vino de solera, arenque noruego en mostaza con pepino y manzana son sólo algunas de las propuestas que se pueden encontrar en la nueva carta de la barra de Paulino de Quevedo donde hay cabida para los platos más tradicionales pero también para raciones y pinchos vanguardistas dirigidas a un público más joven que busca combinar sabores clásicos con elaboraciones novedosas.


Y tú… ¿también eres de barra?



DIRECCIÓN: Calle de Jordan, 7

TEL: +34 91 591 39 29

HORARIOS: Comidas: de 13:45 a 15:30 / Cenas: de 21:00 a 23:50

WEB: www.paulinodequevedo.com

wetaca madrid menu

wetaca madrid menu

I think the world is divided into two macro categories:

  • people who love to cook and pack their lunch box for the day after;
  • people who are unable to plan and cook for the next day.

I belong to the second category, I am the one that has cooked the lunch box the night before like two or three times in the whole life. The very first first time I cooked my food box it was so good that I ate it on the same night, even if I had dinner before.

When you live like me, day by day, you might have some problems, because the alternatives of the homemade lunch box are awful. Everytime I go out from the office to hunt something that needs to be quick-tasty-cheap, most of the time I only get two alternatives that are cheap-terrible or healthy-expensive, and during the lunchtime hours it is even difficult to get something, all the best restaurants and cafeterias are always full.

The worst options in the end are always: supermarket, hamburger, kebab and so on …Then comes the best options which might turn to be the most expensive, and the difference is relevant because it might cost the double. I am talking about the food delivery. I am a huge fan of this kind of service and I have tried all the different providers, and to me it can’t be considered an everyday solution, I always order when I am in a kind of emergency with no time and too much work to handle that doesn’t give me the possibility to go out.

wetaca madrid menu


The food delivery service I have just discovered is called WETACA and in my first week of use seems really the perfect match solution of all my problems.

It is a very simple, and innovative way to answer all my problems, and the customer service is super fast.

The order is placed one week before, with all these well prepared food that can last in the fridge for 7 days. The menu is available on the website and changes every week, thursday is the new order day.

You can find a great variety, fish, meat, pasta, rice, from different traditional cuisine, asian, european and american.

The service and the order on the website were very easy to handle. Deciding what I was going to try and order for the first time was not that quick, because there were a lot of interesting choices, and now that I’ve seen three different weeks menu it seems to me that it’s getting always better, I found my top of mind food that I never cooked at home, like the zucchini spaghetti or the mac&cheese.

On Monday morning this huge box rang my bell because that was my delivery choice.

I mean, how cool is to receive a box instead of a bag, it’s like Christmas. What about the funny quote? I loved it!

The packaging is really easy to be stored in the fridge and when you served it you don’t need to change the place, the black microwave dish is elegant and I loved it.

I can firmly state that all the WETACA food I’ve tried so far were really great, don’t even think that you can compare the supermarket gastronomy with them. Every shrimp and every tacos I ate I do believe was a superior quality food, and with that I mean you’ll make a lot of mmmmmmmmmh noise while eating them, because they were so good and not difficult to digest, because we all know that after lunch comes a full time afternoon in the office.


The pad thai for example comes in two separate box and need to be mixed if you want to have a uniform result, because there is a lot of sauce and all your noodle deserve it.

The brownie takes just 30 seconds in the microwave to be ready and it’s the same brownie that we usually order in the hypest american bar and pay three times the WETACA one that let me use the proper word: orgasmatic.

Wanna try it? Use the PLANTBASEDMADRID code and give a chance to the best tuppers in town!

Nothing to add, once you try WETACA you never go back, that’s true, I just did my second order and wait to do the third now that I’ve seen the mac&cheese!

wetaca madrid menu


El sitio moncloa

I’ve been very few times to Moncloa so far, I don’t know why, but everytime I realize that it’s not that far as I have Always thought and for sure not that bad, because it’s full of nice places like El Sitio.

I started following El Sitio during last summer, attracted by the handwritten logo and all the tasty pictures they were posting. When on Saturday I was walking around Moncloa looking for a nice quiet place to have lunch and the «El Sitio» logo appear I could not have any doubt. It was the place I’ve always followed, finally in real life and not only on Instagram.

The light comes from all the sides, and the design of the space is modern and warm. I loved the chairs and the chalk graphics all over the place.

You read «para picar» but the food you’ll get it’s a lot for one person, better share different things between friends. You can’t me the «cazuelita» of El Sitio, or the queso one, that you can see in the pictures above. All the people around me were enjoying it and the egg in the middle of it is the perfect surprise, really tasty.

Even if their are famous for the pizza I prefered to try the German dish, with wurstel and potatoes. I have to admit these wurstel are special, you can’t find it at the supermarket. I went completely crazy for the curry one, easily recognizable for its color, super Yellow.

For sure I am going to come back, maybe one evening and try all the missing food, like pizza or crepes.

For more information: El Sitio.

El sitio moncloa El sitio moncloaEl sitio moncloa El sitio moncloa El sitio moncloa

georgia madrid khachapuri

Have you ever eat in a Restaurant from Georgia?

I’ve never, until Yesterday night, starving after more than a two hours play at the theatre.

In the middle of Chueca I was looking for something new, didn’t want to try another japanese or thai restaurant.

Here comes Khachapuri. Their logo is super clear, I immediately understood what was the typical dish they were symbolizing, and I thought: «Ok, let’s do it».

And if I am writing this article is because I discovered something new that I would love to suggest.

Khachapuri you might have guessed right was my choice. The fact that traditionally you have to eat it with hands give to this tasty sort of pizza an advantage because I love eating with the hands. The touch and smell feelings are stronger when you leave the cutlery aside.

Unfortunately Yesterday I went out without my Nikon camera, so the pictures are all made with my phone. I really didn’t expect to discover such a lovely place.

Because in Calle Victor Hugo 5 is not only the food that rules this place, the atmosphere and the design of the restaurant is special. Perfect colors, perfect lights and all the graphics are extremely cool.

I definitely have to come back, the food was great, I mean a cheese overdose is Always welcome. And in the end, my fear was let me be sincere, not to digest all that cheese and the melted butter over it, but I didn’t had any problem.

Enjoy my Sony XZ pictures until I will be back with my camera, or even better, you should go, taste and see the khachapuri yourself.

More information available here: Khachapuri Madrid.

georgia madrid khachapuri georgia madrid khachapuri georgia madrid khachapuri georgia madrid khachapuri georgia madrid khachapuri georgia madrid khachapuri georgia madrid khachapuri