A veces es complicado compaginar el consumo de determinados alimentos con un estilo de vida saludable y activo, por suerte, una joven empresa española ha inventado Hola, una forma de seguir disfrutando de la comida sin renunciar a cuidar la línea.

No queremos que nadie renuncie a su comida; intentamos que la puedan disfrutar acompañándoles en el cuidado de su salud”, explica el equipo multidisciplinar que se esconde detrás de este invento.

Bajo el motto «no cambies tu comida, cambia tu plato», Hola concentra lo último en tecnología culinaria: una superficie de más de 1.500 pequeños agujeros que tiene la capacidad de separar las grasas de los alimentos y absorberla.

Los agujeros del Plato Hola varían en diámetro y forma, adaptándose a las propiedades de viscosidad y densidad de los aceites.


La tecnología

Este ingenioso plato ha sido diseñado en la Escuela Superior Técnica de Ingeniería de la Universidad del País Vasco, donde sus creadores han investigado, desarrollado y patentado el Sistema Hola que permite ahorrar a los comensales hasta el 30% de las calorías de una comida. En una comida normal, esto supone de 100 a 200 calorías.

El mecanismo está inspirado en las formas naturales que podemos encontrar en animales invertebrados como las esponjas de mar, cuya piel es capaz de absorber selectivamente las sustancias de su alrededor.

A diferencia de las esponjas marinas, los orificios de los platos Hola están diseñados para filtrar lípidos (grasa y aceite).

El proyecto ha recibido premios y reconocimientos internacionales por su diseño.

Fácil de limpiar

El Plato Hola está pensado para no ser más difícil de limpiar que un plato convencional, así que no te tortures pensando a quién le tocará fregar después.

Ninguno de los modelos de platos Hola se estropea al meterlo al lavavajillas, su calidad está garantizada para que limpiarlos sea lo más sencillo posible.

Hola está disponible en tres modelos diferentes, y se puede comprar por unidades, a 18 euros la unidad; en pack de dos, por 14,99 euros; o de cuatro, por 13,99 euros, a través de la web.

Con el Plato Hola ahora no hay motivo para que dejes de disfrutar de tus platos favoritos por eso no cambies tu comida si puedes cambiar tu plato.


Plato Hola

Web: www.platohola.com

barcelò torre madrid

barcelò torre madrid

Weeks ago I was going to the see an Italian movie in the Cinema close to Plaza de Espana. There was a sort of Italian Film Festival and they were screening «Jeeg Robot D’accaio» that had a tremendous success in Italy.

While walking through the continuation of Gran Via over Plaza de Espana, I discovered this huge building that seems to be a very modern hotel going to open soon.

I have Always loved the restaurants and cocktails bar inside the hotels in Milan, with Bulgari and Diana Sharaton, and here in Madrid too. Only You Atocha is a great example of a innovative concept, or all the Room Mate, Oscar for sure with his Amazing terrace.

All these examples of great hotels have that je-ne-sais-quoi that can differentiate their offer between all the Others.

Barceló Torre de Madrid really strenght it’s uniqueness with an incredible architecture from the outside and a great design on the inside.

The view is reserved at the higher floors for the hotel accommodations and the spa. The cocktail bar, that you can see in these pictures, is on the ground floor, the restaurant named Somos garra is on the first floor, which is even enough to enjoy the view of the Gran Via rising and Plaza de Espana shining through the fountains water.

I loved the atmosphere of the bar and service was perfect. I mean. if you bring me nuts and candies I’ll be in love with you forever.

My cocktail is sin alcohol, don’t remember the name, I was so impressed by the menu design, looking like a Pantone palette, but gold.

More information here: Barcelò Torre de Madrid barcelò torre madrid barcelò torre madrid barcelò torre madrid barcelò torre madridbarcelò torre madrid



I have to admit that in many situations I am attracted by the design of a product instead of the very essence of it. With food for example many times the cover is beautiful but the inside is awful. That’s why the old school vintage food might be better than a new hister packaging.

It rarely happens that I am attracted by the package and than I am not disappointed by the food or drinks. It always happens to me with wine for example, as I don’t have a strong knowledge of the amazing world of winery, I also pick the bottle with the most attractive label.

With Casa Mariol it was completely different. I saw this completely different bottle twice, in bars and restaurant here in Madrid but never tried it. The third time I saw it was at PUM PUM CAFE’. While I was waiting for my matcha latte para llevar I gooogle «Casa Mariol Vermut» and here we are.

I was even more impressed by the story of a famous Spanish product exported in Australia.

I bought a bottle the same day, last floor of the El Corte Ingles, but also available online. And than, right after taking this photos, I’ve tried it.

I love vermut in general, it’s my favourite after work choice, and this one in particular, the vermut negre of Casa Mariol really impressed me. I had it at home with this tortilla caliente casera I took in one of my favourite tapas bar in La Latina.

The taste is very strong but I can’t tell if it’s sweet or not, I can just tell that it’s strong, like if it was concentrate. I suggest to try it at PUM PUM CAFE’ or trust me and buy a bottle, it’s less than 8 €.

vermut madrid vermut madrid vermut madrid

ca2m mostoles

One of my favourite sentece is, especially when your walking and not in a hurry is:

«Always do a different route when you return».

I know that it sounds like a Alice in Wonderland quote, but it’s mine, really mine, because I do believe this is the best way to discover new places.

I am telling you this because with my return route I discovered a better way to ge to Móstoles Centro de Arte Dos De Mayo. On my way there it took me more than one hour from the center of Madrid with the metro. On my back it was much easier with the cercanias from Móstoles central station, and even cheaper.

Centro de Arte Dos De Mayo is the reason for a trip to Móstoles. It’s a huge center and there is a special installation by Sergio Prego until the 26 of febraury that you’ll probably see more than once in Instagram. I have to admit, this huge room was made for Instagram shooting.

This installacion is ispired by J. G. Ballard novel (and movie) «Highrise». Probably because I know the movie I could enjoy it even more.

I post a picture without people and one with, just to give an idea of the proportions.

All the other works of art are part of the collections of the CA2M.

ca2m mostoles ca2m mostoles ca2m mostoles

ca2m mostoles ca2m mostoles ca2m mostoles ca2m mostoles

Hermos y Malditos madrid

Hermos y Malditos madrid

I’ve discovered Hermos y Malditos as soon as their Instagram profile was opened. Probably one of the most interesting Instagram feed I’ve ever seen. It was clear to me that I would love the place. Reading a bit more about the cocktail bar I also discovered the cocktail menu had one super hipster mixology tresure called «Wes Anderson».

Obviously yesterday when I finally had the chance to go there I took a quick look at the menu and ordered cocktail named as one of my favourite movie director. The very kind barman told me that due to the decision of creating this Scott Fitzgerald atmosphere, this key cocktail was renamed as the famous writer. Hermos y Malditos is infact the spanish version of the very renowned «The Beautiful and Damded».

Well, the cocktail was very good, and I also appreciate the candies and the still water as soon as I sat down to the blue velvet sofa (yes, another Director’s quote, Mr. David Lynch).

This is a very unique location, the music with the deejay was perfect, the design of the cocktail room was perfect. I didn’t have my Nikon Camera with me, so all the pictures were taken with my new mobile phone. I am getting used to it, and was a bit tipsy because of the cocktail, but the result is quite good for a Sony XZ.

For more information:Hermosos y Malditos

Hermos y Malditos madrid Hermos y Malditos madrid Hermos y Malditos madrid Hermos y Malditos madrid Hermos y Malditos madrid Hermos y Malditos madrid

La Casa Encendida MADRID

I have to admit that this location is great, not as cool (I am sorry) than Matadero or Conde Duque which are my favourite cultural centres, but La Casa Encendida is also a good alternative.

The exhibition I’ve shoot is called «El curso natural de las cosas» which means the natural course of things.

More information here: La Casa Encendida

La Casa Encendida MADRID La Casa Encendida MADRID La Casa Encendida MADRID La Casa Encendida MADRID La Casa Encendida MADRID La Casa Encendida MADRID La Casa Encendida MADRID

I’ve been many times to the garage of El Paracaidista, which is now called Mini Hub, and it’s not a garage in the traditional sense, but more a great location of innovative events, but never been to the main concept store, until today.

I definitely have to come back soon on the terrace and chilling under the sun because it is really amazing.

More information here: El Paracaidista.

el paracaitista madrid el paracaitista madrid el paracaitista madrid el paracaitista madrid el paracaitista madrid el paracaitista madrid el paracaitista madrid