Estética industrial, decoración rompedora y muchos elementos pop.

Yakuza ha inaugurado su segundo restaurante en Madrid, en el barrio de Chamberí que lo convierten en un local con un sello único en Madrid.

La disrupción lleva a los comensales a vivir experiencias muy originales dentro del local, rodeados de luces de neón.

Con en este espacio de 300 metros cuadrados y con una cocina abierta, revolucionan la gastronomía japonesa en Madrid y suben de nivel. 

Algo que está en el ADN de la marca: la innovación constante.

Llegan pisando fuerte y demostrando que “el tamaño sí importa”; el sushi aumenta de talla y reta a los comensales a abrir la boca bien grande para saborear cada pieza.

Nosotros teníamos ya la vista puesta en este sitio tan bonito, y hace dos años lo incluimos en nuestra lista de los mejores japos de Madrid.

Ahora presenta también su nueva carta, en la que destacan novedades como “EX”, sushi de langostinos de tempura, plátano macho frito, queso crema, cebollino aguacate y salsa de dragón y de anguila- sin lugar a dramas, o recibir muchos “Besos” -sushi de pasta dinamita, atún trufado, krunch de tempura, ralladura de lima. 

Los sushirolls cambian de tamaño y retan a los comensales con la frase #AbreGrande.

La mítica “Sushipizza” se mantiene, porque los clásicos nunca mueren.


Sushi Yakuza

Dirección: Calle Jordán, 7 – Metro Quevedo

Horario: De lunes a miércoles 13h-17h y de 20h-23:30h 

De Jueves a Sábado 13h-17h y de 20h-00h.

Web: www.sushiyakuza.es

IG: @sushiyakuza

Japanese restaurants in Madrid are our second vital food after pizza, every season, no stop, winter, summer, we don’t care. Pretending to be more soupy in winter and more freshy in summer, but we can’t live with our dose of avocado and salmon combo, in a maki, uramaki, temaki or on a well done nigiri.

Every restaurant has it’s differences and characteristic features. Read your “The 10 best japanese restaurants in Madrid” to discover which are our favourite and share yours with us, we would love to know more and more restaurants in town.

[Note: this is not a chart but a list, we love them all equally.]

1) Not an ordinary Japanese Restaurant: Sr. Ito

We already wrote about Sr. Ito in the best restaurants of Chueca, because we really love this place. Here we are in Calle Pelayo, it’s such a nice street that it is good to have a pleasant excuse like dining in Sr. Ito for walking almost until Alonso Martinez. This is not the typical japanese restaurant, if you are a all you can eat sushi consumer, this is not your place. Sr. Ito in Chueca is the place for beauty lovers and slow life living. The decoration is incredible, we talk a lot about this place in dedicated article where you can see all the dishes, especially the cake, impressive.

Sr. Ito – Calle Pelayo, 60, 28004 Madrid – Tel. 910 81 66 15

2) The Japanese guru: Janatomo

Domingo de BBQ, domingo en familiar, domingo en www.janatomo.com con las única barbacos japonesas, las yakinikus en mesa y sin humos.

Un post condiviso da Janatomo (@janatomorestaurante) in data:

I guess you already know how much we love Calle Reina, and don’t really understand why it’s not mentioned as other really hype calle like Ponzano for example. If you have ever stepped into calle Reina we are quite sure you have seen the red windows of Janatomo and felt in Tokyo for a few seconds. Janatomo means “friends of the flowers” and really represent with strong feature the true japanese culture. It’s Japanese barbecue is an exclusivity in Madrid, it’s called yakiniku and it’s even a  European exclusive, because Janatomo is the only one with the bbq included in the table.

Restaurante Janatomo – Calle Reina, 27, 28004 Madrid – Tel. 915 21 55 66

3) Taberna Japonesa: A japanese Kirikata

When you are a great fun of the Arzabal boys, Álvaro Castellanos and Iván Morales, you can’t mention they’re japanese in the list of the best nipponic restaurants in the city, especially because it’s an innovative concept. The quality of food and the freshness of the ingredients it’s a religion for this restaurant, that takes its name from a japanese technique of cutting the sashimi. The cocktails are as well protagonist of the meal with a special menu and a complete selection of the best spirits.

A Japanese Kirikata – Calle de Antonio Acuña, 19, 28009 Madrid – Tel. 914 35 88 29

4) When marketing matters: Yakuza

The Goiko Marketing team is the benchmark in food marketing in Madrid with their no stop contest and pop contents. Yakuza is the japanese restaurant of the Goiko team. Another time Venezuelan in Madrid knows how launch successful restaurants. Their sushi is outstanding, with a touch of creative madness, like for the sushi pizza, or the “El Malandro”. The menu is super cool as the restaurant and the whole concept.

Yazuka – Calle de María de Molina, 16, 28006 Madrid – Tel. 910 60 94 58

5) Sushi bites: Riko

If you love mexican food why of handling a burrito, and the freshness of a temaki, you can find the fusion of this two cultures at Riko, with the giant sushi tacos. The crabs one are massive and super crunchy with an incredible texture. I really loved them, and the bowls are incredible too, a sort of japanese cirashi but with more ingredients. I haven’t been to restaurant so far, but ordered for delivery but I guess the atmosphere will be as cool as their innovative giant rolls.

Riko Fancy Bites – Calle Fernando VI, 21, 28004 Madrid – Tel. 910 80 28 48

6) Tropics meet Japan: Zaperoco

In Italy the trend of japanese food mixed with south american food, especially brazilian, the real food trend of the last two years.

When I heard about Zapercoco and it’s concept I needed to try it. The restaurant is a design gem, relaxed and super chic and the brazilian concept. I was used to have cocktails pairing with my favourite uramaki and it was totally satisfying at Zaperoco too.

Zaperoco – Calle de Velázquez, 102, 28006 Madrid – Tel. 914 10 94 09

7) The supermarket of sushi: Nigiri

This time the kitchen is not just open it’s a shop window sushi man working. Try the ceviche and the triangular onighiri ? #madriDiana

Un post condiviso da MadriDiana (@madridiana___) in data:

We all have stopped in calle fuencarral to see the sushiman preparing sushi in the shop window of Nigiri. In many other countries you can find a lot of takeaway food offered already prepared in fridges like in supermarket. Nigiri does this in the very center of Madrid, with different restaurants in high street location. You choose, pick the box, pay and then take away or eat there, because there are also spacious tables. I am in love with the ceviche and the matcha green tea.

Nigiri – Calle de Fuencarral, 91, 28004 Madrid – Tel. 910 29 67 95

8) Learn how to make sushi: Kappo

La cantidad de wasabi y de soja la decide el itamae, añadir más cantidad por el comensal es una ofensa para el chef #kappomadrid

Un post condiviso da Restaurante Kappo (@restaurantekappo) in data:

The best restaurants are the one selling not only a menu but most of all an experience, something unique.

Probably there is nothing more interesting that learning how to make food, and japanese food has always been a mystery, so that the Kappo courses with chef Mario Payán are perfect for principiants.

Restaurante Kappo – Calle de Breton de los Herreros, 54, 28003 Madrid – Tel. 910 42 00 66

9) Korea has never been so close: Maru Korean Food

Korean restaurant Maru is an exception in this post, but just because mixing japanese and korean cuisine is a genius idea. Kimchi and sushi are best friends when you reserve a table in calle Reina at Maru.

For sure their maki won’t make you regret a classic japanese restaurant, and the bim bim bap. Not to mention their business lunch, really convenient and complete, because you can even get the dessert included and their mango mousse it’s something legendary.

Maru – Calle Reina, 37, 28004 Madrid915 23 95 31

10) Friendly spam delivery sushi: Chic Sushi

Chic para mí, chic para ti, claro que sí, guapi ? Yellow uramaki from @chicsushi ? #madridiana

Un post condiviso da MadriDiana (@madridiana___) in data:

Let’s be honest. We all hate the spam and the adv in our mailboxes, but once in my life I found a useful adv and it was Chic Sushi. Well done guys! Because I guess you all have received that pink paper, and I am telling you that it worth a try. The menu are super convenient and really complete, in some cases even too much. I loved also the yellow maki in the picture, to me one of my favourite food picture ever.

Chic Sushi – Calle Cab allero de Gracia, 12, 28013 Madrid – Tel. 910 55 18 01

sr ito madrid

sr ito madrid

Sr.Ito was on my “restaurant to go” top list since the first time I walked in Calle Pelayo. Arriving from Plaza Chueca if you start walking along Calle Pelayo a lot of nice restaurants will show up, as well as super creative shops and street art, like the Super Mario Bros around number 50. But you can’t walk over Sr.Ito without thinking and desiring to dine in this very particular japanese restaurant.

From the outside the first thing to notice is of course the design of the interiors which are really bright, the murals on the main wall and also the beautiful bar will be stick in your memory archived in the file “oh my god I need to try that restaurant”.

The interesting thing is that the murals are redesigned by a new artist every now and then,  painted in white and restarted, and the style of each artist is completely different, that’s why Sr.Ito is defined as “Arte , birras , sushi y más”.

If the main floor while entering might give the impression of a very little restaurant, you have to know that there is also another floor, downstairs, really well furnished with the perfect romantic light you need to share a dinner with the loved one.

The menu as in the starters and hot main courses  parta great revisitation of the classic japanese cuisine, even an the edamame beans are not the ordinary edamames beans, this is the presentation and you can add the miso sauce which is the brown one already on the corners of the plate, and another one called kimchi.

I decided to try the hot food, I haven’t tried the sushi, but both nigiri and uramaki really seemed well prepared and the choice was very interesting.

My two main dishes were a noodle soup and the tempura with crabs and prawns were really impressive, and I have to be honest, when a read “crabs” in a menu I always go for it, and when the waiter answer me “I am sorry we don’t have it tonight” the dinner is ruined and nothing will be the same. But it was not this case, Sr. Ito served a great fried crab with crayfish. The sauce were, the classic tempura sauce which is very liquid and watery, and the two sauces I’ve already in tried with the edamame, kimchi and sauce, which has you can see have the texture of mayonnaise.


Last but not least I saw previously on the bar upstair a green tea cake and I needed to discover more, when they told me it was green tea, white chocolate (my fave) and ginger, I knew it was my cake, and it didn’t disappoint me at all.

sr ito madrid

The prices are a bit higher than the other more “common” sushi restaurant in town, but the atmosphere, the service and the quality of food are totally worthing the upgrade. It is really a nice place for a date, with a friend or a lover, it doesn’t matter, it’s the mood of Sr. Ito.

More info: Sr. Ito.

[Pictures are not the greatest because I didn’t expect to try Sr.Ito that night when I didn’t have my camera and my Sony X Z was off because of the battery]