Por séptimo año consecutivo, gastronomía y moda se unen para hacer posible esta acción única, fruto de la colaboración de Marie Claire y la consultora gastronómica Mateo&co y en beneficio de Acción contra el Hambre.

Durante esa noche, algunas de las mejores tiendas de Madrid abrirán sus puertas para convertirse en escenarios de una cena solidaria.

Una experiencia única que va más allá de lo gastronómico, ya que los comensales podrán cenar en un espacio normalmente dedicado a la moda y de la mano de una selección de 23 chefs del panorama nacional ofrecerán de forma simultánea menús exclusivos.

El total de chefs que participarán son:

– Paco Roncero (La Terraza del Casino, 2*Michelin).

– Óscar Velasco (Santceloni, 2*Michelin).

– David García (Corral de la Morería, 1*Michelin).

– Fernando Canales (Etxanobe, 1*Michelin).

– Álvaro Garrido (Mina, 1*Michelin).

– Javier Aranda (Gaytán, 1*Michelin).

– José Carlos Fuentes (El Club Allard, 1*Michelin).

– Susi Díaz (La Finca, 1*Michelin)

– Pedro Sánchez (Bagá, 1*Michelin)

– Víctor Serrano (Kabuki, 1*Michelin)

– Mario Payán (Kappo).

– Omar Malpartida (Luma).

– Pepa Muñoz (El Qüenco de Pepa).

– Juanjo López (La Tasquita de Enfrente).

– Nino Redruello y Patxi Zumárraga (Fismuler).

– Miguel Carretero (Santerra).

– Álvaro Castellanos e Iván Morales (Grupo Arzábal).

– Joaquín Felipe (Dogma).

– Ricardo Álvarez y Roberto Cabrera (Huerta de Carabaña).

– Julián Mármol (El Yugo de Bunker).

La VII edición de Soul Food Night tendrá lugar el próximo 20 de mayo y el coste del cubierto será de 250 euros.

Los fondos recaudados servirán de apoyo a Acción contra el Hambre para el desarrollo de Programas de inserción socio-laboral en España.

Más información en www.soulfoodnights.org

I’ve always been in fashion, this means not only to buy fashion but also to live it.

My very first working experience was as assistant of a really young fashion designer for a really historic Italian fashion brand.

Staying by her side meant a lot for me, because she was in charge of everything, design, production, fashion shows, researches, and I was living with her this day by day, studying at university in the morning, going in the atelier in the afternoon.

The fashion world of that tiny ecosystem of an historic fashion house trying to renovate with a young recently graduated designer impressed me a lot.

I travel and visited the most prestigious textile trade fairs, I learned a lot about the fabrics, I was studying economics, so I didn’t have any knowledge about the fashion world.

When I graduated I didn’t have the chance to work in a big fashion company, I started my career in the digital world, working with startups and advertising agencies.

I have learned a lot from that experience and that’s why I am really interested in connecting with young Spanish designers, I want to know the history of their brand, how they conceived it and how they developed it, because I like the stories behind the brands, more than the product itself, if I trust a entrepreneur I’ll marry the product too.

To me quality is the main point, I always need to touch the fabric and see where it was made from the label, how much cotton in it.

rojo piruleta madrid

When I’ve met Arantxa and Yomara from Rojo Piruleta I was so glad to discover a young Spanish fashion brand focus on quality rather than trends.

Finally a simple idea, making cool t-shirts and sweaters, that will last more than one season, even if none of them is a simple cloth.

It can be a sentence printed, an embroidery sewed on the shoulder like caviar or even a weaving on the hip. Nothing is left to chance. Even if Arantxa and Yomara are not fashion designers, they do design together all the collections of Rojo Piruleta.

They come from a totally different sector, the sanitary, but they have always had the dream of a collection produced by themselves.

They were both already entrepreneurs, so the organizational part, how to set up a company was the easiest part for me, but the research of the right fabric and the right company to print and produce the collections was not that easy.

I believe that when you do something well it is easier to attire people, because of the word of mouth between customers and retailers too.

If you consider how long these products will last compared to the fast seasonal fashion product you won’t need any added reason to start buying Rojo Piruleta.

The thing that impressed me the most, after the quality of the fabric, is for sure the commercial network that Arantxa and Yomara were able to build so quick, with the most famous multi-brand retailer in Madrid (NAC) for example and so many resorts locations, like Pura in Tarifa.

Not to mention that Arantxa and Yomara did not quit their previous jobs for Rojo Piruleta, they maintain both the activities 247, the designer together but then the rest of the tasks are divided into them. And of course they also have a third job, the most beautiful and complicated in the world: being mothers.

What I really liked about them is their planning, they have really clear who they are, what they what to do and especially when, they won’t produce too much or go too fast, they will grow at their own trend, step by step, they will keep the control of the productions, the communication, the design and the sales.

Last but not least I appreciated the fact that both Arantxa and Yomara always wear Rojo Piruleta and that they mix and match them in so many ways, like for example wearing a shirt on the opposite side avoiding the prints using the back side on the front, because they don’t have labels on the back. It’s such a simple thing that was not conceived to be kind of double face but it is really a double face with a simple idea.

Rojo Piruleta is a simple statement for something that we were all missing since Arantxa and Yomara started the brand in 2015, simple t-shirts and sweater with a magic touch of originality.