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El Chef Qifeng Lin, más conocido como Dani, originario de la costa sureste de China, nos ofrece en KIBOKA una amplia carta con platos populares de Japón los cuales reinterpreta con una gran intuición culinaria.

Lleva más de 15 años en España trabajando en varios restaurantes de geografía española en ciudades como Tenerife, Las Palmas, Santander, Bilbao o Barcelona.

Es en Madrid donde abrió su primer restaurante en 2012, Casa Sushi en la calle Cartagena. En 2014 lo traslada a la calle Padilla, donde sigue abierto. 

KIBOKA en la calle General Pardiñas en pleno barrio Salamanca se mantiene abierto desde enero de 2019, con éxito de afluencia diaria.

Los protagonistas de la amplia carta diseñada por Dani son los nigiri y uramaki, los de toda la vida, con un toque multicolor que ha convertido los barcos de KIBOKA en un must, un arcoíris de sabores y colores en la mesa.

Junto a los uramaki más originales, no pueden faltar los gunkan, que se comen rigurosamente con la manos, así nos lo recomienda el Chef, para no estropearlos con los palillos. 

No faltan alternativas, carne con solomillo, pollo o pato para los amantes de la carne, tanto en los entrantes como los gyozas ¿?que los gunkan y los primeros platos de arroz, noodle y sopas.

Si eres fan de la comida japonesa es una buena ocasión para probar algo nuevo, puedes organizar una mesa entre amigos para aprovecharte de los barcos gigantes y compartir las recetas más originales de uramaki, gunkan, nigiri y tartar.

KIBOKA es el lugar ideal para una cena romántica, el servicio es impecable y una cuidada decoración del local. El ambiente mezcla estilo industrial con piezas antiguas y más tradicionales.

La barra con las letras gigantes te catapultan directamente en un original mercado asiático donde lossushiman trabajan el pescado fresco.

Mencionar también que los viernes y sábados por la noche, el restaurante cuenta con servicio de aparcacoches. Y para el resto de días, los comensales tienen 1 hora de parking incluido en los almuerzos y 1 hora y media para las cenas (parking situado en la calle General Díaz Porlier, 56.



Dirección:  c/ General Pardiñas, 70

Horario:  domingo a jueves, de 12h a 16:30h y de 20h a 00h; viernes y sábado, de 12h a 16:30h y de 20h a 00:30h.  Lunes Cerrado.




Recently opened in Salamanca’s Barrio of Madrid, Santerra is the new project carried on by the young and talented Chef Miguel Carretero and the experienced Alfonso Vega (Premio Nacional de Gastronomía 2009) as Director of the Restaurant.

It’s a kind of a cuisine that comes from the flora and fauna of both Castillas, with its mushrooms, aromatic herbs, garlic and also partridge, rabbit, not forgetting the fishes as the trout and the vegetables from the gardens of Madrid and Toledo.

So that’s the idea: to cook classical dishes but in a modern way, with contemporary techniques and presentations. And that’s exactly what the Chef Miguel Carretro is trying to do through its dishes that reflect his roots and the place where he comes from. It’s an ode to the nature and the simple things which focuses on the importance of the product itself.

 Not one, but two Restaurants

Santerra is built over two floors: the Barra fina de Barrio and El Gastronomico.

Different spaces, different concepts.

Barra Fina de Barrio, is an informal space where you can have a caña accompanied by some tapas such as aceitunas, callos and home made croquetas that are already an hit among the croquetas of Madrid. You can also choose a glass of wine from the wine list on the blackboard that changes day by day.

El Gastronomico is the formal restaurant inspired by a wood that reflects into the decorations, the painting on the wall that remind a real wood, the wooden and stoned chairs and tables, in order to recreate that atmosphere. Even the menu, and it couldn’t be any other way, is conceived by the product of the land.

Tradition, technique and raw materials.

The way in which they treat raw materials is what differentiates this Restaurant.

Bread, olive oil, eggs, etc. Products and Producers: everything that comes to your table is previously chosen and elaborated by Miguel Carretero and Alfonso Vega themselves. Care and diligence in the selection, the accuracy and precision of plating contribute to make every dish unique.


General Info

Medium Price El Gastronómico 45–50 euro

Medium Price La Barra Fina de Barrio 18–22 euro


Address: General Pardiñas 56

Phone Number: +34 914 01 35 80

From Monday to Saturday, 13:30–16:00h and 20:00–23:30



ibex bar madrid

When we read something like “the first place in Madrid…” doing something or the first restaurant offering something we are quite suspicious, because in such a vibrant city it seems that we have already seen all the offers available.

But this time we were totally wrong, not only IBEX is the first stock exchange bar in Madrid, but it is likely to be the first in the whole country. There should be something similar in Barcelona, but not that sophisticated as the IBEX offer.

What should happen in a stock exchange bar? Why it is called like that?

Ibex is totally inspired to the classic stock exchange mechanism of prices ups and downs depending on offer and demand.

This concept, with the live price billboard on the top of the bar is dedicated to beverage prices, every price category, like beer, rum, wine, goes ups and down after every order.

Two things really impressed us with this concept. First is that the software has been developed by the founders, recently graduated in IE Business School, and second that the prices goes down to the lowest point, every 30 minutes more or less.

But there is something more, this “lowest point” has been calculated after a full time research at the bars close to IBEX.

The lowest price is really the lowest price in that area.

Then there is the food offer, with a traditional Indian menu, all inspired by the names in the finance world, from the bubble to the well known idol of the finance: Mr. Gordon Gekko. Traditional but with a modern twist willing to introduce some latinos tapas in a near feature.

If you are wondering why and what a strange mix of an innovative bar offer with traditional indian food, imagining a classic burger and fries situation, considering Wall Street as the most evocative stock exchange, so that it all sounds like an american concept.

Well, this time you are wrong, the concept is more popular in the east end that in the wild west. But the choice of the indian cuisine was not chosen because of this trend in the middle east, but because all the founders are Indian.

Their homeland is present also at the bar with special Indian beer and selected Indian rum.

IBEX is really a place to be at least once, the concept is really funny and if you love Indian food the quality level is really high.

ibex madrid ibex madrid

We eat very special recipes that are not the usual food we have at an Indian restaurant, expect from the butter chicken which is very popular and it’s exquisite.

What can’t never miss in an Indian dinner is the nan bread, the cheese is like the ultimate for us, but their Ibex version with dried fruit is a very good alternative choice.

Lamb it’s a mandatory meal too, if not in a tikka version, we have tried a very distinguished starter plate with lamb meat presented as cigars, little tubes of lamb, delicious.

The dessert were very good too, the pistachio indian ice cream, and the fried milk balls.

ibex madrid ibex madrid

Really good.

IBEX is suggested both for dining and drinking, with resident deejay and thematic nights like beer pong every now and then. Better follow their social media profiles for all the updates.

It is also a great idea for a special event, from corporate team building situation to more friendly friends night out.

More information: IBEX – Calle Maldonado 7, 28006 – Madrid