heura en madrid

Los mejores restaurantes donde puedes comer heura en Madrid, una variedad increíble de propuestas gastronómicas, desde los tacos hasta el ramen 

Creo que la primerísima vez que he visto un producto heura en Madrid ha sido en Bowlers, mi referente para los días en que no llevo tupper y quiero comer sano y saludable. 

Nada más probar el bowl butter chicken “no pollo” y empezar a buscar más informaciones sobre heura en Madrid.

El descubrimiento de heura me ha acercado mucho al mundo de la comida vegetariana, dejar de comer carne con alternativas como heura o beyond ha sido mucho más fácil de lo que me imaginaba.  

Los mejores restaurantes donde comer heura en Madrid 

Hay que decir que los restaurante madrileños se han puesto muy creativos con las recetas de heura, hay restaurantes de todos los tipos y culturas, desde el ramen hasta los tacos, donde puedes comer heura en Madrid.

Aquí mi listado de los mejores sitios de Madrid donde comer heura:

1.Tacos heura en Pepe Taco

2. Empanadas heura en Las Muns

3. Butter chicken «no pollo» heura en Bowlers

4. Poke heura en Alhoa Poke

5. Curry heura en Avocado Love

6. Baos heura en Ramen Shifu

7. Ramen heura en Udon


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8.  Bocadillo heura en Pans & Co

9. Lacón heura en Distrito Vegano

10. Kebab heura en Beykebap

11. Perrito caliente heura en Lara Grill

12. Sushi heura en Miss Sushi

13. Poke heura en Tasty Poke

14. Bowl heura en Ohanasana

15. Burger heura en Superchulo

Donde Marian

There are a lot of things that can occur during a dinner. The focus is always on what you eat, the taste, the smell of it, and in some cases it can also involve the touch feeling when the food should be eaten with the hands.

Well, in Donde Marian I also listened a lot, probably the most used taste was definitely hearing, and it rarely happen to enjoy a meal at restaurant while learning a lot of interesting thing about the quality and selected ingredients that you can find on the menu.

Even if the historic founder Marian de la Peña retired in 2016, the service and the key dishes are at the same level as they have been for more than two decades.

Donde Marian

Marian left her restaurant to her niece, Ana Hernández and her husband Alfonso Luca de Tena. Ana as a successful architect took care of the restoration of the different areas of the restaurant with a classy restyling of powder blue tones and modern lighting.

What didn’t change is the core and most important part of restaurant: the team. Same chef, same waiter and waitress. The star dishes of Donde Marian like the seasonal vegetables, artichokes and white Navarra asparagus are still the same, as the chuleton, a huge ribeye grilled in the best way.

In the end, Donde Marian continues to take good care of his clients.

And this is probably why in Donde Marian in two decades became so popular and has so many trusted clients, season after season.

Like I did last week, all the clients have learned when they’ll find asparagus and when artichokes because the strength of this place is that almost military selection of only the most valuable products, with a special reference to the vegetables.

I’ve learned a lot about how the white Navarra asparagus is so white and how taught is life of an artichokes collector. As my father worked as greengrocer and I never had the chance to hear from him how passionate he was about his job, I found really interesting and inspiring to hear the passion that Alfonso’s suppliers, La Trailla, put into their daily job, proud the have the best white Navarra asparagus of Spain. Which by the way as a really tiny percentage of worldwide production because most of the white asparagus in commerce are from China, like the 95%.

la trailla

What also impressed about Alfonso is that he defined the Donde Marian kitchen as a “cocina honesta”, because they want to be honest, the chef have always, and will always, cook only the seasonal products, presenting to clients only the best real food when it has to be eaten. The menu has the same high requested meat, vegetables and fish typical Spanish food for the trusted clients, but now as also some new entries like Italian Burrata as starter or two different tartar, one with beef solomillo and one with salmon, both perfectly hand-cutted.

Everything is homemade in Donde Marian, from the starters to the desserts, and the wine selection is really impressive.

They also have a “menu jovenes” at 28€ when the medium price for a dinner is usually around 40€, and I guess if you see the passion that Alfonso and his historic team put into Donde Marian you’ll understand that all the best products research they do, and their 100% honest food principle is very rare and totally worth the bill.

In Donde Marian you can enjoy a star dinner, or lunch in a beautiful restaurant or in its amazing quite terrace and try a classic of Madrid since two decades.

More Information: Donde Marian.