Llamadlo como queráis. Lo unico cierto es que el vermut es mucho más que una bebida.
El vermut es un clásico, una tendencia, una costumbre, una tradición. Y desde hace muchos años una de las bebidas más solicitadas a la hora del aperitivo o como siempre se dijo a la hora del vermut.
Siempre hay una historia detrás de cada bebida. Y en el caso del Vermut, según cuenta la historia es a Hipócrates, célebre médico y filósofo de la antigüedad, al que se le atribuye la invención del vermut mientras según la versión moderna se encuentra por primera vez en Italia en 1786 de la mano de Antonio Benedetto Carpano.

Los amantes del vermú ya pueden disfrutar de un nuevo espacio @lahoradelvermut en Retiro ? ¿Te lo vas a perder? #madridiana

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En España, el hábito de tomar vermut se consolida en el siglo XX como una actividad propia de los domingos y que, después de haber perdido terreno en los años 70 y 80, ha vuelto con más fuerza que nunca para quedarse.

La Hora del Vermut en Retiro

La Hora del Vermut no es solo un fenómeno social sino también el nombre del Templo del Vermut en Madrid.
Situado en un Lugar historico como el Mercado de San Miguel, acaba de inaugurar las puertas de su primer local en el barrio de Retiro con un espacio que agrupa más de 80 referencias de vermut procedentes de toda España, y no solo. Un lugar ideal para un aperitivo, e incluso para comer de picoteo, y disfrutar con los amigos y la familia del momento más esperado del día.
El vermut es una bebida que se puede tomar de muchas maneras diferentes: de grifo, embotellado o con sifón, con o sin un rodaja de limón o de naranja, pero siempre acompañado de una buena tapa.
Es amplia la variedad de maridaje con los que se puede tomar un vermut y esta es la propuesta de la cata que hemos ido a probar.

Un Vermut Tradicional con una gilda de boquerón, huevo de codorniz, piparra vasca, pimiento rojo y aceituna manzanilla y negra.
Un Vermut Sherry con un montado de salmón, yogur y miel.
Un Vermutinto acompañado por nisperos con torta de quesos y anchoas.
Un Vermut Sidra con un montado de brandada y queso brie.
Larga vida al vermut y a La Hora del Vermut!
Horarios: desde las 12:00 del mediodía hasta las 23:00 horas
Dirección: C/Fernán González nº 48 Metro Ibiza





How many times your favourite bar or restaurant was so full of people and impossible to get in on a random weekend? What about the bruch? Sunday morning queueing, the Madrid revisitation of Sunday Bloody Sunday by the U2.

Madridiana has the solution for this annoying weekend madness.

The method is: hype cool centric location on Monday or Tuesday, leaving the M30 for peaceful and relaxed locations during the weekend (remember that weekends start on Thursday in Madrid, or better Juernes).

meraki madrid

Meraki is a great example of the perfect weekend location.

Lore and Cris, the owners of Meraki restaurant decided to open their first venture in Carabanchel instead of a more centric barrio.

It’s a challenge but most of all it’s an innovative idea and proposal, and when I see innovation I see future and I have to support it.

The name, Meraki, is the first step into this wonderful world, because Meraki comes from the modern Greek and means “do something with passion, with absolute devotion, with undivided attention”, exactly what Lore and Cris transmitted me.

Even if there is a lot of green and blue, cold colours, Meraki it’s really a warm restaurant welcoming clients with a unique atmosphere, also thanks to history of how it was built and which materials have been used like the woods that  comes from the Iglesia de Fuente el Saz del Jarama.

At this point you might have already reserved a table in Meraki for the weekend and I haven’t talked about the food and the barra (which will be explained by Enzo Lauretta, the drinks expert).

And to be totally sincere I haven’t mentioned the first two part of the atmosphere that I guess are the most appreciated, the green walls and the beautiful murals in the terrace.

So let’s start with the core point of a this gastro restaurant: the menu.

meraki madrid

This fantastic ensaladilla rusa is the first bite of Meraki cuisine, as a welcoming tapas.

The starter best seller is the tartar, in the veggie, fishy or classic meat version, it’s really special, and the famous guakamola, which is a sort of avocado tartar, the paradise of avocado lovers.

meraki madridmeraki madrid

Look at the mango and the tomatoes in the veggie version, no filter picture of course, with my Nikon, it was delicious, I could have two more, even if the portions are huge, and dine with it, as starter, main course and dessert.

Choosing the main courses was not an easy task, the burger with beer bread sounds incredibly tasty, the tuna tataki perfectly matches with the tomatoes tartar, tortilla and croquetas for the classic spanish food with a Meraki touch.

In the end as for the guakamola we went for the funny naming, with the Maki taco as a mix of japanese uramaki and mexican taco, and a classic dish de toda la vida, the carrillera de ternera with patatas purea.

meraki madrid

Like a happy kids I was surprised to find my favourite water, San Pellegrino, the best sparkling water in the world.

Not to mention the tablas of quesos and jamon, cecina de Leon, with many starters and main courses made with cheese, Italian with the Burratina and French with the queso Camembert.

So many different cultures in one menu, totally in harmony between each other as a fusion concept should be considering that our tastes are changing every time we travel to a new destination and its culinary tradition and culture.

Creativity is the fil rouge of Meraki, it’s in every mesa, in every sofa, in every dish, that’s why this is not an ordinary restaurant.

Enzo’s thoughts

meraki madrid

As it was for the San Pellegrino water, the same accurate selection for the coffee with Illy and for a tremendous complete selection of Vermouth, with the Martini Italian version called Riserva Speciale Rubino, Cinzano 1757, then Casa Mariol, the classic Zecchini and much more.

Last but not least we also had what we call a «barra experience» with the bartender Joaquin Poyatos that we already had the chance to meet in occasion of the regional final of the bartending competition Made with Love, in collaboration with the Campari Academy, that put together the best bartenders of Madrid.

Joaquin prepared for us a special cocktail that it will be included in the new menu of the restaurant than we were able to try and preview.

meraki madrid

A cocktail made with Spinach, called Popeye, paired with a spinach biscuit that perfectly matches with the cocktail.

His idea of the contamination between the cuisine and the barra, as a liquid exchange of knowledge really fascinated me, and the same it was during the Made in Love event when his creations were aromatized with olives, like if the tapa was inside the cocktail.

Every thursday and saturday there is always live music in Meraki so that know you don’t have any excuse to not trying this unique place.

Wishing all the best to Lore and Cris, we can’t wait to be back to Meraki, convinced that their passion and dedication will be the key for the success and growth of this restaurant, which might be only the first of an amazing series of locals.

More information here: Meraki.

I have to admit that in many situations I am attracted by the design of a product instead of the very essence of it. With food for example many times the cover is beautiful but the inside is awful. That’s why the old school vintage food might be better than a new hister packaging.

It rarely happens that I am attracted by the package and than I am not disappointed by the food or drinks. It always happens to me with wine for example, as I don’t have a strong knowledge of the amazing world of winery, I also pick the bottle with the most attractive label.

With Casa Mariol it was completely different. I saw this completely different bottle twice, in bars and restaurant here in Madrid but never tried it. The third time I saw it was at PUM PUM CAFE’. While I was waiting for my matcha latte para llevar I gooogle «Casa Mariol Vermut» and here we are.

I was even more impressed by the story of a famous Spanish product exported in Australia.

I bought a bottle the same day, last floor of the El Corte Ingles, but also available online. And than, right after taking this photos, I’ve tried it.

I love vermut in general, it’s my favourite after work choice, and this one in particular, the vermut negre of Casa Mariol really impressed me. I had it at home with this tortilla caliente casera I took in one of my favourite tapas bar in La Latina.

The taste is very strong but I can’t tell if it’s sweet or not, I can just tell that it’s strong, like if it was concentrate. I suggest to try it at PUM PUM CAFE’ or trust me and buy a bottle, it’s less than 8 €.

vermut madrid vermut madrid vermut madrid