«El mundo es un libro, y aquellos que no viajan leen solo una página.» – Saint Augustine

There are many gateways from the Spanish capital that you can handle in a day in a relaxed way, just one-hour drive or half an hour train journey would take you to awesome retreats. The most common are: El Escorial, Segovia and Toledo. Every touristic stall in Madrid offers all these one-day trips for usually […]

fitur 2017

The travel fair FITUR2017

A world tour in a day. I appreciated a lot all the different folk activities, with popular traditions at their best. What I disliked about this fair was the incredible mess when there was free coffee or free food taste. Incredible. And…

10 things to do in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, like most of the Nordic cities, is one of the happiest places in the world. In this city you can see people leaving a stroller with their child inside or outside a cafe while they are sipping hot tea.…