Welcome to MadriDiana

Madrid is a big city, and like the internet you can find everything and you can find nothing.

So the question is:

why should this blog be different than all the others giving advices around the city, answering to all your questions?

The reason is simple: Diana never disappointed with her suggestions in all the cities she has lived in. Her friends told her hundreds of time «Why don’t you get a blog?» but in the end she preferred to suggest her friends one to one. A bit time consuming.

She is a freelance professional, working on social media, writing contents all day long, with a network of other professionals working remotely in different part of the world. Eventually opening a blog and an Instagram account was something natural for her, finally getting her own space.

Like the Greek goddess of the hunt, the moon, and nature, MadriDiana favourite job is to hunt the coolest places in town, not the one you’ll find in the most famous travel guides, but the once you would receive from your closest friend.

Welcome to MadriDiana, read it, share it and don’t be afraid to write her at hola@madridiana.com